2016 Cosmic Calender

This meticulous artistic rendering illustrates the astrology cycles of 2016, a visual ephemeris like you’ve never seen it before! A great educational tool for the young and young at heart, to connect with the celestial bodies that influence our time on Mother Earth. • Breathtaking rendering, mandala-like in it’s presentation • Unique circular design to … Continue reading 2016 Cosmic Calender

A Brief Tour

This calendar has several layers of knowledge to invite you back into synchronization with your true self.  With the annotated calendar below , you can discover the different elements of this year-at-a-glance calendar. You can see from the legend that there are six distinct nested areas of information. (Download a printable version of the below graphic by right clicking … Continue reading A Brief Tour


Discover the expression of each personality or archetype that influences us. There is a Zodiac legend in the center of the calendar that tells us the overall mission of each zodiac sign.

Chakra Correlation for Days of the Week

Inviting you to connect with your chakra centers during the week & plan your activities around each chakra need. Day | Chakra | Affirmations | Suggested Activities – be creative! Monday | Root | We are Secure | Pay Bills, Grocery Shop, Address any worries Tuesday | Sacral | We are Creative | Create a … Continue reading Chakra Correlation for Days of the Week


The four seasons are marked in the middle, with a compass pointing to the Equinox and Solstice for each season (on the outside Sun ring) as well as marking for the eclipses.


What if I told you that each planet in our solar system is a sentient being putting out a vibe that matched their personality? Western Civilization is finally finding scientific proof that animals, both warm and cold blooded, as well as plants and fungi are sentient & animist objects. And the energetic influence of that … Continue reading Planets


Discover the best times to begin, act, complete and release. New & Full Moons are placed on a rainbow “ray” corresponding to the specific day of that month. New and Full moons are also shown on the Gregorian wedge. There is a Moon Legend that walks you through each of the phases of the moon, … Continue reading Moon


The days are depicted in two ways: 1) On a “regular” calendar grid in a wheel beneath the rings. The rainbow backround signifies the chakra correlation of each day of the week and, 2) As color coded rays expanding outward from the center. The first day of the month is a thicker ray & also will have the … Continue reading Days


The Gregorian method of marking time is an arbitrary one that is out of sync with nature. It is simply our culture’s method. This calendar shows the months of January – December as typically seen on most calendars in a grid format, starting with Monday as the beginning of the week. Full & New Moons … Continue reading Months