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Spiral Spectrum's Synchronic System

Divine Time

The Spiral Spectrum Synchronic System is designed to help people optimize their confidence navigating any energetic influence for the greatest chance of success. Our product line serves as a basic reference for the Astro-curious to use as a visual aid in harmonizing with natural rhythm to increase ones primal power instead of being gridded to an artificial timeline, which often disconnects us from our instincts and intuition of knowing when to act and when to wait. By observing current events and comparing to the zodiac placements of our cosmic cousins, you can find cosmic clues and figure out what to do to align with the flow of cosmic currents.


The Spiral Spectrum Synchronic System is a combined calendar design & philosophy which builds a bridge from the two-dimensional civic calendar (Gregorian) to the multi-dimensional Cosmic Clock, natures cycles. When any living thing is out of sync with nature, disharmony & disorientation occur. Basic instincts and our intuitive knowing are confused, stressed and we are more likely to accept outside authority. 

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The origin of the word “calendar” is rooted in tax collection. Over several centuries, many civil societies have been assimilated into an artificial concept where “time is money” – a limited resource for which we must compete. This creates imbalance & dependence on monetary systems with scarcity built in, instead of interdependence with nature where resources are abundant & freely offered by Mother Earth. Nature-based societies typically share resources for mutual benefit, not hoarded for profit. Historically, pantheist cultures have been eroded, in part, by colonizers co-opting solar and lunar celebrations and repackaging as religious celebrations gridded to a specific calendar day, instead of in sync with the heavenly happening.

The delusion that humans are separate from nature & have dominion over it, is supported by the idea that time is a line with a distinctly separate past, present, and future – one that is marked by a zero event 2017 years ago that is strangely just accepted without question. The Gregorian grid shifts us out of sync to keep us “in line.” Time itself is a construct, one we were taught to perceive a specific way.

The Cosmic Clock, however, beckons us to remember everything is connected and we are all time travelers – perhaps flowing in a spiraling spectrum of inter-being in a multi-verse of multiple dimensions. We hope our calendars aide in you in awakening to your primal power & purpose more readily by syncing with the song of the Cosmic Clock. As you align yourself with the flow of the cosmic energies at play, you will begin to discover - for yourself - the true nature of time, how to attune to its potential and tap into infinite possibilities.

Overview of the Elements

What is a Cosmic Clock?

The heart of the Spiral Spectrum Synchronic System is a “Cosmic Clock” design that does double duty as both a mandala and circle graph template for plotting astrology transits, motions, phases, and events in a visual form. A Cosmic Clock is simply a circular design with rays extending out. The number of rays varies based on the timeframe being measured. Here are some design examples from our offerings:

DayClock_ExampleAbove: Cosmic Clock representing one day.  There are 24 rays, one for each hour.
Screen shot 2016-12-08 at 12.19.42 AM Above: Monthly Cosmic Clock with 31 days.
DSCN5689@0,3x Above: Annual Cosmic Clock with 365 days   
The patterned concentric rings represent the orbits of the planets as well as the placement of the sun.  The face of the Cosmic Clock becomes a Skyway Transit Schedule when astrology data is plotted on top of the orbit rings. This schedule is the main feature of our yearly Cosmic Calendar (pre-plotted) and 12 month Mystic Moon Coloring Calendar (user plotted)
A completed Skyway Transit Schedule is a tool for traveling through life with a general idea of expected patterns & trends by interpreting and then learning to forecast Intergalactic Traffic & Space Weather. A cosmic compass of sorts, more experienced observers will be able to utilize it to pro-actively plan for the months ahead. With careful observation and reflection, anyone can begin to anticipate themes as an amateur astrologer.  Probabilities can be shown, but are also unpredictable. The “forecast” is only as good as the wisdom, skill & intuition of the interpreter. With use, over time, you will gain more confidence.

The Zodiac: Space Regions

Constellations are stellar communities setting the theme & scene for all who transit through.

Earth has regions made up of cities, states, countries, and continents; so to do our heavens have general regions compromised of twelve constellations, or “stellar nations” containing our star relations, collectively called the Zodiac. Each constellation has its own cultural identity. On Earth, Africa, North America, and Asia all have unique landscapes, resources, and societies that make up a collective yet evolving “vibe” from each region. So too with the constellations - each “sign” of the zodiac has a special set of qualities. Now conjure the vibe of the eastern shore of America and imagine how that shifts miles away in the midwest or the west coast. Within each zodiac sign, the vibe varies as well. Instead of miles, we measure distance traveled by degree. Similarly, the beginning border of Leo (0 degrees) is vastly different from the mid-point (15 degrees) and it’s farthest reach (29.9 degrees) as it nears zero degree Virgo.

Space Weather

Meteorologists study atmospheric conditions, currents, and pressures. Over time, discernible & somewhat predictable patterns emerge such as hurricane season. More often than not, the weather forecast is sunny & mild with low humidity and pollen count. Similarly, astrologist study planetary energy, moonbeams & other cosmic currents to forecast the potential that may be at play on any given day. Celestial conditions may clash & crash or mingle & tingle de-light-fully depending on the proximity & place things are in space. Just as we check the weather forecast to plan for rain or snow, our days will flow with more ease and grace if we can plan around a tense astrostorm or take advantage of harmonious conditions to launch a project.


Intergalactic Traffic

Our cosmic cousins travel at their own consistence pace on a fixed, elliptical and predictable trajectory, influencing all from their place in space.

The basis for our twelve-month calendar is the Zodiac, a 360° space cake divided into twelve equal 30° slices. Our sun moves appx a degree a day & transits into a new sign once a month, usually around the 21st. The Moon moves a degree every few hours & transits into a new sign appx every 2.5 days, making a complete journey through the entire zodiac in one month. Planetary pace can be delayed by retrograde motions & elliptical orbits but, generally, each planet takes appx this long to journey the entire zodiac: Mercury 88 days, Venus 227 days, Mars 22 months, and Jupiter 12 years for a full roundabout through all twelve signs. Saturn takes about 29 years, while the outer planets travel much slower and their influence is far more subtle: Uranus 84 years, Neptune 165 years and Pluto 248 years to make a complete cycle through the zodiac.

Ready to Synchronize with our Star System?

The Cosmic Calendar was conceptualized in 2012 by Julie Wilder & available online since 2015 and has expanded into an entire collection.