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LunaSol Calendar
Moon Phases & Zodiac Transits, Eclipses, Meteors + More
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Align yourself with the moon glow and you'll flow.
Bringing You the Sun, Moon & Stars
Spiral Spectrum’sLuna Sol Calendar is a circle calendar featuring year-at-a-glance moon phases, meteor showers, eclipses and solar transits & seasons.

A schedule of moon transits with exact time as la Luna travels through the Zodiac is a main feature of this design with legends to make interpretation easy.

The Circadian Cycle featuring
Sunrise, Sunset & Solar Noon by Season

Designed by visionary artist, Julie Wilder, as a
companion to the bestselling Cosmic Calendar.

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Track the Sun & Moon All Year Long

Radiant Rays
365 radiant rainbow rays represent each day in the
Wheel of the Year.

Fire • Air • Water • Earth
Powerful reminders of the nature of the four elements found in the Zodiac.
Equinox & Solstice
Solar transits are marked around the edge of the fire & seasons are too.
Moon Movements
Earth's dimmable nightlight sets the mood with her proximity and luminosity from her place in space.
Moon Phases
New Moon to Full Moon
A full moon cycle completes every 28.5 days with about 13 moon cycles per solar year. She controls the tides in our oceans and emotions. 

Total & Partial
There are two eclipse periods per year with each period containing at least one lunar & one solar eclipse. Shadows cast about shake things up!
Apogee & Perigee
The moon's apparent size and intensity fluctuate with her proximity. Super Moons happen at Perigee & Micro Moons at Apogee.

Circadian Cycle

Sunrise & Sunset by Season with Solar Noon
Circadian Cycle
with 24 Hour Civic Clock Dial
Just outside of the Zodiac legend you will see an hourly dial with tick marks every quarter hour.
Dawn & Dusk
Our daily rhythm is ruled by day & night! 
Plotted using Civil, Nautical & Astronomical reference data at each seasons solar beginning. 
Zodiac Legend
Guide to the Constellations
Each wedge contains associated quality, element, polarity and which house and planet has rulership over the sign.
This year-at-a-glance chart features moon phases and moon signs complete with exact time. Times are in Eastern Time Zone, but since they are explicitly written on the chart, it’s easy to convert to your time zone for complete accuracy in your region. For example, our friends in Portland would subtract 3 hours to adjust to the Pacific Time Zone.
Zodiac Legend
Zodiac symbols are color coded by element & quality. Astrologer written guide to the moon through the Zodiac to make interpretation easier.

A LunaSol Dial
When we combine these layers together, we arrive at the LunaSol Dial. Instead of minutes and hours, we see moon phases, meteor showers, moon transits and more for the entire year on one gorgeous poster.
Stunning!! Way better in person!
Can’t wait to learn how to use this calendar!
– Tree Town Batiks via Etsy
Guided Tour with Designer Julie Wilder
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