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The Spiral Spectrum Collection is a project by Julie Wilder

Spiral Spectrum is part of the Yestermorrow Adventures community of businesses.
About the Artist
Julie Wilder has worn many hats: organic restauranteur, localist advocate and community radio host to name a few. She is a self-taught graphic designer. Currently she oversees the Yestermorrow Adventures community of businesses from one of it's anchor indie enterprises, Spiral Circle, an independent bookstore in the heart of Orlando.
This Spiral Spectrum collection infuses the ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share into our business model. She is a Leo with Sag rising and Scorpio Moon.
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Committed to an EcoSocial Ethic

Earth Care • People Care • Fair Share

EcoSocial Design, according to Gaia University, is an emerging field that seeks to actively reorganize human activity on the planet so that the twin goals of ecological regeneration and social justice continue to emerge with ever greater vigor and speed. We align with and consider our work revealing natural time as integral to the emerging EcoSocial shift back to our inner authority & agency aligned with Mother Nature.

Love Our Planet
We cherish the Earth and all her beings. We deepen our practice through green printing, vegetable based inks, recycled paper and mindful production & shipping practices.
Love is Love
Open for Service is a wonderful registry service that allows any business to commit to it's values publicly as allies of people who identify on the LGBTQ spectrum.
Partnership is the Path
Committed to dismantling domination and reclaiming partnership as the path forward. We handle our relations with kindness, compassion and fairness. We conduct our business through an intersectional lens.

Production Partners

Committed to transparent manufacturing.
Sundance • Florida, USA
Certified Green Printer • Local • Independent
For our high volume items, including our North American posters, we rely on this Central Florida based offset printer with a commitment to the environment. 
Printful • USA & Europe
Flexible • Agile • Independent
We test out new products through this printing partner in order to reduce potential waste and provide the most localized production. With East & West coast facilities in America and another in Europe, we are able to reduce shipping time and costs as well as environmental impact. Our shirts, mugs and those tagged "custom prints" are produced and fulfilled through Printful.
Express Printing • DeLand, Florida
Local • Independent
This is my neighborhood copy & print shop. They kindly handle my short runs and proofs. Close enough that I can walk when the weather is good.
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