All 2024 Calendars on Sale!


When will my order arrive?

If you bought during the summer pre-sale period, we usually begin shipping by the Fall Equinox. After that, we process and ship Monday-Friday and usually have orders in the mail with 1-3 business days. Your confirmation email has a tracking button.

I am looking for a gift for a friend - if I only buy one item, which should it be?

Our flagship product, the Cosmic Calendar, is our bestseller and fan favorite. It's got the wow factor. 

Where do you ship?

The United States & Canada.

Do you plan to do international editions?

In the past we have made European and Australian editions but exporting became to much of a hurdle for me. I'd consider licensing region-specific products for distribution in other countries with legitimate companies that would take on publication & distribution.

What data resources do you use to make the calendars?

Astronomy data based on the US Naval Observatory & American Meteor Society. Lunar Zodiac transits based on the Tropical Midnight Swiss Ephemeris which is suitable for Western Astrologers.

How accurate are your calendars?

While we have a rigorous proofing process, every piece of data on here is hand placed and therefore subject to human error. Please double-check critical planning with a cross-reference of your own. 

What time zone are your calendars in?

Times are based on Eastern Time Zone (New York, USA) - corrected for Daylight Savings when applicable.

A note about hemispheres.

This is design is for Northern Hemisphere. Our friends in the Southern Hemisphere the moon waxing/waning appear in reverse of symbols on this calendar & seasons are flipped.

What software do you use to make these?

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign. 

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