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Mystic Moon Coloring Calendar

Mystic Moon Coloring Calendar 2017 [purchase online here]
An All-In-One Journal & Workbook for Moon Mystics & Astrology Enthusiasts

This art calendar features colorable & fully customizable Moon Dial & Solar System Mandalas for all 12 months, and (optional) astro-enthusiasts can use the included Zodiac Stickers & Celestial Charts to plot zodiac transits for the sun, moon & planets.


My Story

ss_julieWhen my daughter, Maya, was three years old, she started to learn about the days of the week at Montessori school and something inside me just went – UG. I wanted her to stay in no-time, where one day bled into the next and the passage of moments was marked by meals and goodnight snugglesholiday traditions and planting seeds in the garden. My wild & free self longed for this, while my pragmatic self understood this was, obviously, impossible – short of moving outside of civilization itself.

So I settled for making a wheel of the week, color coded like the rainbow to show my mini me, that time does not come in a line, as our calendar would suggest, but is a wheel that moves in cycles, repeating over and over again. We did not write the alphabetical symbols on the calendar, we just referenced Monday was red day, Tuesday was orange day and on and on. She accepted this explanation so simply, and I began to reflect about the myths I had discovered about time and the ancient methods I’ve come to study since.

When I discovered the way the Gregorian calendar came to be, I had an incredibly profound awakening. If something as fundamental as time itself was being misconstrued, what other information so impactful to EVERYTHING was also not quite right? As I researched, I understand that this calendar, adopted by so many cultures,  shifts people away from nature’s rhythms, creating chaos. Our strange discomfort that something is off hardly ever gets identified because hardly anyone questions a universally recognized system.


Cosmic Calendar


Align yourself with the flow of the cosmic energies at play for ease & grace every day….

Spiral Spectrum’s Cosmic Calendar is a graphic ephemeris featuring a year-at-a-glance planetary transits, moon phases & daily chakra mantras. Designed by visionary artist, Julie Wilder, to bring astrology into practical comprehension for visual learners. This fifth edition has been lovingly tweaked based on fan feedback making the 2017 edition the clearest and most intuitive design yet & is available for purchase through Etsy. Shop Now


Love Letters

Wow. This calendar is epic – so intricate, but so simple. Such an abundance of wisdom and magic – all expressed in circles and cycles. AMAZING!

Cindie White (via Etsy) screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-1-37-44-am

This amazing calendar’s beauty is only surpassed by its functionality! I love watching the artists videos to help me learn how to use the calendar and incorporate it into my every day life. After watching some behind the scenes on the making of the calendar, I appreciate it even more! The artist put SO MUCH … Continue reading EssVeeTea (via Etsy)

EssVeeTea (via Etsy)

This calendar is. amazing. Everyone who comes past it stops to admire it and see what’s going on in the heavens on their birthday haha

Mattiegrrl (via Etsy) screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-10-14-38-pm