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2016 Mystic Moon Wall Calendar


The moon rules over our feelings & I hope this calendar helps increase your emotional literacy & resilience when used in connection with interpretations from top astrologers and your own observations and intuition.

This artistic rendering illustrates the moon cycles & planetary transits of 2016 which leaves plenty of room to use as a journal as you discover the way the moon & planets influence your daily life.


A black and white 12 month wall calendar printed on cardstock paper, measuring just under 11×17. Arrives unbound and easily hung with a small nail.

As I was creating this calendar, I couldn’t help but notice that the planet paths looked like strings on an instrument, the days looked like struts and the moon above was the conductor of the mood. Maybe retrogrades are when a chord (planet) goes out of tune and you have to slow down and reset & restore back to harmony?


A full page dedicated to showing you how to read this calendar:





+ COVER: Includes the 12 months of lunar phases with icons & can be a standalone piece.

+ PHASES: All of the moon phases are represented, with the exact times of the full, new & quarter moons listed.

+ TRANSITS: The moon enters into a new zodiac sign approximately every 2.5 days. These transits are marked in the lower section with an icon & the exact ingress time underneath.

+ VOID OF COURSE: times are also marked, as this is a period when important decisions should be avoided and can last just minutes before the moon enters a new sign or hours.

+ PLANETS: Transits & retrograde phases for our Solar System are also depicted.

All times are Eastern Standard.

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This is a companion product to the Spiral Spectrum Cosmic Calendar, an 18×24 full color poster that helps us visualize the cosmic currents for the year in a whole new way. See that intricate calendar here: