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“Wheel of the Week” Lesson for Kids with Video Tutorial

Four years ago, I taught my two year old about the days of the week in an exercise meant to introduce her to the spiraling, cyclical nature of time. That Wheel of the Week lesson inspired my flagship poster: the Cosmic Calendar (read the backstory in full here). How appropriate that we’ve come full circle and now my little lady was inspired to get involved in my YestermorrowShop by re-creating this simple lesson for kids everywhere.

Just look at this smart lady who just used Illustrator like a CHAMP:


Here’s the completed Wheel of the Week:


All of the pieces to go into her kits, which are available now in the Etsy shop for $2-$5. The kids keeps 100% of the revenue, as she’s doing all of the work herself!


The kit includes flashcards with the days of the week on them with a font that encourages tracing.


It also comes with this worksheet (blank, of course!)


And seven wedges for seven days and seven chakras!


She’s learning about product development, tracking sales, money management and hosting video tutorials. Win, win, win: she’s sharing the gift of real time to other little people. Support her start-up by purchasing your ready to assemble Wheel of the Week Kit here.

Not only did she learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to create the template, but she also created a kit with hand cut pieces to earn her own money AND she narrated her entire production process (without any rehearsal) start to finish to show other kids how to do the lesson & perhaps will inspire a few other minipreneurs to launch their own product online. Watch it below:

The worksheet itself we’ve decided to offer as a Free Download, if you prefer to use materials you have on hand. Please just send us a photo of your final product and any tips you might have to make the lesson even better.

Oh, and mom makes other cool calendars inspired by this project. Check em out: