“Wheel of the Week” Lesson for Kids with Video Tutorial

Four years ago, I taught my two year old about the days of the week in an exercise meant to introduce her to the spiraling, cyclical nature of time. That Wheel of the Week lesson inspired my flagship poster: the Cosmic Calendar (read the backstory in full here). How appropriate that we’ve come full circle and now … Continue reading “Wheel of the Week” Lesson for Kids with Video Tutorial

2016 Cosmic Calender

This meticulous artistic rendering illustrates the astrology cycles of 2016, a visual ephemeris like you’ve never seen it before! A great educational tool for the young and young at heart, to connect with the celestial bodies that influence our time on Mother Earth. • Breathtaking rendering, mandala-like in it’s presentation • Unique circular design to … Continue reading 2016 Cosmic Calender


The Gregorian method of marking time is an arbitrary one that is out of sync with nature. It is simply our culture’s method. This calendar shows the months of January – December as typically seen on most calendars in a grid format, starting with Monday as the beginning of the week. Full & New Moons … Continue reading Months