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2016 Cosmic Calender

This meticulous artistic rendering illustrates the astrology cycles of 2016, a visual ephemeris like you’ve never seen it before! A great educational tool for the young and young at heart, to connect with the celestial bodies that influence our time on Mother Earth.

• Breathtaking rendering, mandala-like in it’s presentation
• Unique circular design to capture natures pattern & make the entire year’s movements available at a glance
• Full & new moon marked in two places
• All planetary transits clearly marked
• Retrograde notations for all of the planets, not just Mercury, Venus, and Mars like other calendars
• Full color 18×24 poster perfect for the fridge, a door or framed
• Shipped rolled in a sturdy tube suitable for upcycling into a play telescope!

You can ORDER NOW via Etsy, which has quantity deals and also a brand new monthly companion calendar, Mystic Moon.

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This is Spiral Spectrum’s flagship product, one was that inspired in 2012 by a Wheel of the Week lesson I taught my two year old; you can read the full history here.

Here is a short behind-the-scenes video about the production process:

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Thanks so much for getting re-aligned with the cosmic rhythms!

Julie Wilder