A Retrograde Primer: How do they work?

Retrograde Explained. Mercury Retrograde (or Rx) is the most commonly discussed due to it’s dominion over communication, travel and mental activity & also happens more frequently than the other planets, but all of them go retrograde at set intervals and durations. We recently covered the orbit of Mars in 2016 & heavily review the Mars Rx in Sagittarius & … Continue reading A Retrograde Primer: How do they work?

Mercury ups the ante! Overview of all 4 retrogrades in 2016

SNAFU, Bizarro Back to School and Holiday from Hell if you don't plan now. Recommending a Glamping Staycation. Plus a cute Mercurial indie greeting card and SCIENCE video.

Mars & Scorpio In a long, slow dance in 2016

It hasn’t taken long for something to shift! Mars entered Scorpio January 3, 2016 at 9:32 am EST, while all planets were in forward motion (none in retrograde). What the heck does that mean, though? I’m a visual learner and we’re about to take a year long journey discovering everything we can about the planets, our sun … Continue reading Mars & Scorpio In a long, slow dance in 2016

2016 Cosmic Calender

This meticulous artistic rendering illustrates the astrology cycles of 2016, a visual ephemeris like you’ve never seen it before! A great educational tool for the young and young at heart, to connect with the celestial bodies that influence our time on Mother Earth. • Breathtaking rendering, mandala-like in it’s presentation • Unique circular design to … Continue reading 2016 Cosmic Calender