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Quick Reference Charts for Cosmic & LunaSol Ready For You

Howdy! Howdy! If you haven’t heard the news, the 2018 versions of the calendars are ready for you. I’ve just updated the website big time to post most of the 2018 collection and finally finished the quick reference charts to help break down the elements in the calendar. There are lots of beautiful close-up photos of each on their individual pages, but here are the quick reference charts.

CosmicClockArtboard 1@2x

CC_ElementsArtboard 1@2x

For more details on the Cosmic Calendar listed above, visit this page or go straight to Etsy.

And, now, for those who geek out on moon signs, I’ve got a brand new product just for you. The LunaSol Calendar has a lot of similarities with our original Cosmic Calendar, but the difference is that the LunaSol features MOON transits, while the Cosmic Calendar features PLANETARY transits. Here is the design:


And here is a quick reference to this juicy part of the LunaSol Calendar:

LunaSolDialArtboard 1@2x

For more details on the brand new LunaSol calendar shown above, visit this page or go straight to Etsy.

Stay tuned, I will have a video tour of both charts very soon! Order one today and I bet I’ll have them posted by the time they arrive.

In Cosmic Community,

Julie Wilder