My Story

ss_julieWhen my daughter, Maya, was three years old, she started to learn about the days of the week at Montessori school and something inside me just went – UG. I wanted her to stay in no-time, where one day bled into the next and the passage of moments was marked by meals and goodnight snugglesholiday traditions and planting seeds in the garden. My wild & free self longed for this, while my pragmatic self understood this was, obviously, impossible – short of moving outside of civilization itself.

So I settled for making a wheel of the week, color coded like the rainbow to show my mini me, that time does not come in a line, as our calendar would suggest, but is a wheel that moves in cycles, repeating over and over again. We did not write the alphabetical symbols on the calendar, we just referenced Monday was red day, Tuesday was orange day and on and on. She accepted this explanation so simply, and I began to reflect about the myths I had discovered about time and the ancient methods I’ve come to study since.

When I discovered the way the Gregorian calendar came to be, I had an incredibly profound awakening. If something as fundamental as time itself was being misconstrued, what other information so impactful to EVERYTHING was also not quite right? As I researched, I understand that this calendar, adopted by so many cultures,  shifts people away from nature’s rhythms, creating chaos. Our strange discomfort that something is off hardly ever gets identified because hardly anyone questions a universally recognized system.

The Julian calendar (on which the Gregorian calendar is based), was imposed by Roman Emperors (and later Catholic Popes) and literally & intentionally, moved entire cultures out of synchronization with nature, while turning time into a one dimensional line instead of the multi-dimensional experience of being unified harmonically with All That Is. The modern day calendar, profoundly and fundamentally, keeps us disconnected from nature herself.  The advent of digital devices is further serving to erase the round clock, with it’s elegant gliding hands, to numbers on a screen. Many cultures still use a lunar or lunisolar calendar, however, the Gregorian has become the international standard for civil purposes.

As I gazed at the little rainbow wheel Maya and I had crafted to represent the week, I realized time, well, it was on my mind. We had just entered the much hyped year of 2012, renewing my fascination with the advanced Mayan method of observing the cycles of time. I began to wonder how to teach Maya about time, while integrating my understanding of moon cycles & solar seasons, as well as the other planets. Our little rainbow wheel was still beckoning me, and I was seized with an intuition that chakra energy must also correlate somehow to time. In fact, I discovered (with a quick google search) there is an entire ancient body of knowledge dedicated to chakras & time called Kalachakra.

And so, I went to sleep that night, pregnant with ideas, knowing I had to create a calendar that would be an open invitation, a first step from Gregorian, or Father Time, to understanding cyclical time filled with energetic influences. We needed a bridge toward a new relationship and experience where Father Time could walk with Mother Time for awhile. I awoke on the Spring Equinox of 2012 with the words “Rainbow Bridge Calendar” & images flashing through my mind. A rough draft wireframe was channeled through into Adobe Illustrator in late night binge sessions. I laid the design away until just before the much prophesied Winter Solstice was practically upon us. I had purchased a Mayan related 13 moon calendar by now, and was surprised to discover that indigenous cultures have long referred to a rainbow bridge. In another three day session, I again felt called to birth this calendar into being. She was printed for the very first time on the morning of December 12th, 2012 and blessed in ceremony that evening.

I updated the layout for a more graceful appearance for 2014 and in 2015, at customer request, I scaled the size up to 18×24. For 2016, I refined the design slightly, choosing fonts that were more legible and renamed it from the Rainbow Bridge Calendar to Spiral Spectrum Cosmic Calendar.

I’m excited to begin sharing through this website more information on the cycles of time and my personal experience shifting back into sync with nature, as much as possible in a culture so oriented toward the Gregorian.

Stay tuned for the spiraling evolution….


9 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Wow you are the gift I need!!!!
    Thankyou for your creation Julie
    I learned about you from Amanda at Astrology Hub
    I’m putting my wish list in for my daughter to purchase the calendar for 2017 as my gift
    Bless you


  2. Very interesting process you went through to create your calendar. I am trying to develop a moon-planting inspired system for planting crops on my farm and have been struggling with how the lunar phases interact with the Gregorian calendar. Since we are a commercial farm, it is hard to convince my wife to plant by the moon. We depend on our crops for our livelihood and it is hard to make such a transition. I have been thinking of this for a few years, and gradually shifting our planting dates to align with the lunar phases. (Basically greens in first quarter, fruits and flowers in the second i.e. cauliflower, cucumbers; and roots in the third quarter). The fourth quarter would be no propagation or transplanting, only cultivating (weeding) and trellising, and other maintenance tasks. It seems we are always planting and never having time to maintain the crops, so the fourth quarter “break” would be very helpful. Anyway, that is how I found your site. I am thinking about getting one of your calendars off your Etsy page. Thanks for all the hard work. I envision a similar calendar for gardeners that is somewhat like a game board, but where you can plan your gardening for the month and have a spot to place the seed packets you intend to plant in the quarter moon where it fits. Well, Happy New Year to you. ~ Jefferson


  3. Hi Julie, I stumbled upon you and your calendars via a side hustle podcast by Chris Guillebeau whom I’ve been following for years. I must say BRAVO! After listening to most of his new podcasts, hearing your story has sprung me into inspired action. I too have been into astrology for a long time and am a graphic designer that has an Etsy shop that sells custom made astrology charts.

    I want to expand my shop to include a ‘tool’ to help identify aspects but haven’t gotten that far yet. Anyways, a recent job loss has left me with a lot of spare time to reflect and reimagine my life and your story, shop and calendars are a jab in my side to figure some things out… specifically my own side hustle. Thank you for doing what you do and for letting Chris include you in his podcast. Beautiful work!



  4. I was thrilled to read your story! I am also a big thinker, always trying to connect the dots and discover all of the fascinating things that my educational system left out in my twelve years of school. It all clicks into place, slowly, until one day you are able to see the universe for what it truly is. Sacred geometry, math, astrology, our chakras and the power of the mind… it all connects together in the end and is quite logical and scientific, though it doesn’t seem to be so at first. I am envious that you get to help teach your child these things while they are small. I’m sure it is very confusing trying to figure out what and how to explain things, but I look forward to doing so with my little one someday. It is an exciting time to be alive, and it makes me so happy to hear of stories like yours that remind me so much of my own experiences… you were called to make these beautiful astronomical charts that correspond with the chakra systems, and I have been called to go to school to study psychology to change paradigms from inside of the ”system”, so to speak. And to also discover what is responsible for the paranormal experiences that so many people experience. One day, I hope for these things (including your astro-charts) to be taught in our public educational systems. It will take decades, but I am honored to help cause the ripples in the waters. (P.S., I ordered a couple of posters from Etsy.. can’t wait) (:


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