Align yourself with the flow of the cosmic energies at play for ease & grace every day….

Spiral Spectrum’s Cosmic Calendar is a graphic ephemeris featuring a year-at-a-glance planetary transits, moon phases & daily chakra mantras. Designed by visionary artist, Julie Wilder, to bring astrology into practical comprehension for visual learners. This fifth edition has been lovingly tweaked based on fan feedback making the 2017 edition the clearest and most intuitive design yet & is available for purchase through Etsy. Shop Now

Below you will find a list of features, a quick guide to major elements  & a video tour.


  • The Cosmic Clock is a circular calendar mimicing natures cycles, not man-made linear time – the regular monthly calendar is also represented for ease of understanding
  • Chakra Mantras for each day of the week
  • Moon Phases + Lunar & Solar Eclipses
  • Seasons  with Solstice, Equinox & seasonal midpoints marked
  • Skyway Transit Schedule with zodiac progressions for the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
  • Retrograde periods for ALL of the planets, not just inner planets like other calendar
  • Full color 18×24 poster perfect for the fridge, a door or framed on the wall
  • Breathtaking rendering, mandala-like in presentation
  • Calculated using Eastern Standard Time (New York)
  • Indie Made in Orlando, Florida by Julie Wilder
  • Printed in the USA at an independent establishment
  • Shipped rolled in a sturdy tube suitable for upcycling into a play telescope!

Beloved by astro-curious beginners and distinguished professional astrologers alike, this collectible calendar is the template for the Spiral Spectrum Synchronic System, which includes two companion calendars: the Mystic Moon monthly wall version and a brand new weekly Planetary Planner, due out in Winter. A full user guide is in development. Here is a sneak preview from that guide, explaining some of the major features:


Here is a closer look at the main feature of this astrology calendar, the “Skyway” Transit Schedule:


For a background on the philosophy and aim of the Synchronic System, take a look at this page. Below is a video explanation with a previous edition – the design is slightly different but the principals are the same!

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This is the most complex beautiful calendar I’ve ever owned! Going to share the other one with my bff. Thank you! – ginga via Etsy


A sweet rhyming key to unlock the
Spiral Spectrum Synchronic System song.

Nested Layers of Knowledge


What if the planets & luminaries were sentient beings?
Get to know them & co-create with their timing.


Beautiful and inspirational for the wall of my new workspace! – Jane Goddard via Etsy


Wow. This calendar is epic – so intricate, but so simple. Such an abundance of wisdom and magic – all expressed in circles and cycles. AMAZING!   – Cindie White via Etsy


This is just genius. I absolutely love it! I consult it every day. – Kristy Lynn via Etsy


This calendar is gorgeous and intricately planned! It’s going to be fun interpreting everything included in this beautiful work of art! – Lynn Carlson via Etsy

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