2016 Mystic Moon Wall Calendar

Yes, indeed, I made this & I am so proud to share it with you!

2016 Cosmic Calender

This meticulous artistic rendering illustrates the astrology cycles of 2016, a visual ephemeris like you’ve never seen it before! A great educational tool for the young and young at heart, to connect with the celestial bodies that influence our time on Mother Earth. • Breathtaking rendering, mandala-like in it’s presentation • Unique circular design to … Continue reading 2016 Cosmic Calender


Discover the best times to begin, act, complete and release. New & Full Moons are placed on a rainbow “ray” corresponding to the specific day of that month. New and Full moons are also shown on the Gregorian wedge. There is a Moon Legend that walks you through each of the phases of the moon, … Continue reading Moon