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Chakra Correlation for Days of the Week

Inviting you to connect with your chakra centers during the week & plan your activities around each chakra need.

Day | Chakra | Affirmations | Suggested Activities – be creative!

Monday | Root | We are Secure | Pay Bills, Grocery Shop, Address any worries
Tuesday | Sacral | We are Creative | Create a piece of art, play music, brainstorm a new idea
Wednesday | Solar Plexus | We are Empowered | Try something new, nourish yourself in some way, assess personal boundaries
Thursday | Heart Chakra | We Share Love | Give bear hugs, date night, commit a random act of selfless kindness
Friday | Throat | We are Expressive | Write, Speak Your Truth, Sing in the Shower, use words to resolve conflict
Saturday | Brow/Third Eye | We are Perceptive | Learn by doing, focus on your intuition, share your knowledge
Sunday | Crown | We Are Open | Just Be, Gather & Play with Friends or Family, Spend time in nature, devote to spiritual practice