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Yule Love Day 7

7 Generations: Inspired by a new little being that I got to watch be born this week!

– Savor –

I'm honored to have attended many births as a folk doula, photographer, and friend. This week, watching a mama work to deliver her baby and the entire team of women that supported her, I am reminded again of the living goddess that is all around us. Luck for me, when I came home overjoyed but exhausted from a 36 hour labor, I found this Goddess Provisions subscription box had arrived in the mail. Praise Goddess! If you look close, you'll spy a mini version of our Mystic Moon Calendar made just for their December box. This would be a great gift for any woman, but consider gifting to a midwife, new mama, doula or any woman who works in the birth field. If there is anyone that needs a little pampering, these ladies are it! A close up of my 5"x5" Mini Moon calendar in this months box:

Mini Mystic Moon

– Spark –

Hands down the best game to spark your little one's love for plants and herbal healing. My daughter and I have learned so much about herbs from Wildcraft and it's her absolute favorite. Bonus that the principle of cooperation is woven throughout the game: sharing herbal remedies with players that get hungry or injured on their hike to the blueberry patch and back to Grandma's house before sunset is encouraged!

– Need –

This is how my calendar collection all began! When my daughter was two, we did a fun little project I called the Wheel of the Week to teach her about the cyclical nature of time. We added chakras to introduce her to her energetic centers and begin a daily practice of focusing on each daily. I've just added some magnets to the shop as a learning tool for the young but even adults will enjoy the reminder. Maya made a Wheel of the Week worksheet that can be downloaded here.

Wheel of the Week

– Read –

Hands down my top two favorite children's books that I absolutely never get sick of reading! Big Momma Makes the World is a creation story with Momma as creatrix great for toddlers and babies. Starhawks' The Last Wild Witch is suitable ages four and up and one of my favorites to pass around the campfire. Here's an excerpt:


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