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Season's Greetings
Yuletide is a delicious swath of the holiday season centered on the Winter Solstice. Join me, Julie Wilder, on a long winter walk to the shortest of days with daily discoveries to sprout, cultivate and spread peace.

Come back daily to see each new reveal. Some days will also include deals and discounts.

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Yule Love Day 1
First things first. If we want to peace to prevail, we must take a stand for peace.
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Yule Love Day 2
I'm reminded of a few powerful duos that I know....
See The Surprises
Yule Love Day 3
The Triple Goddess is all about that Moon!
Moon Me Over
Yule Love Day 4
4 Seasons • 4 Elements • 4 Eyes • 4 Score & 4 Agreements
4 Me?
Yule Love Day 5
All these get five stars!
Give Me Five
Yule Love Day 6
Six Degrees of Separation
One Degree Closer
Yule Love Day 7
7 Generations - Mama & Children Special!
Lucky No. 7
Yule Love Day 8
To Infinity & Beyond
Take Me There
Yule Love Day 9
Biodynamic Bounty
Far Out Finds
Yule Love Day 10
To be a kid again...
Ready, Set, GO!
Yule Love Day 11
Nothing like the 11th hours...
Guide Me There
Yule Love Day 12
12th Day • 12th Month • 12% Off • 12 Midnight
Hear those drummers drumming?
Yule Love Day 13
13 = Goddess
Listen to the Ladies
Yule Love Day 14
I wish I knew about these tools when I was 14!
Hormonal Helpers This Way
Yule Love Day 15
Inspired to Evolved Education
School Me
Yule Love Day 16
Swwwwweeet 16
Who's the Boss?
Yule Love Day 17
When you have 17 million things to do...
Do This
Yule Love Day 18
The Most Anticipated Birthday
18 & Up
Yule Love Day 19
Time Trends
Travel There
Yule Love Day 20
We Belong To Each Other
Swing This Way
Yule Love Day 21
Change the Story, Change Reality
Take Me to the 21st Century
Tune Into Nature
This ADVENTure has been brought to you by Julie Wilder of Spiral Spectrum. Take a look at our nature-based calendar collection to reunite with Mother nature.
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