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Mystic Moon Coloring Calendar
Color & Stick Astrology Journal & Workbook
12 Month Wall Calendar for 2019
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"Beatific item and packaged very nicely.
Bought one for myself and a friend!!
– Rae via Etsy
Moon Mystics Make Magic
Spiral Spectrum’s Mystic Moon Coloring Calendar is a circle calendar featuring month-at-a-glance moon phases with ample room to plot zodiac transits for the sun, moon & planets using the Zodiac stickers & Celestial Charts. 

Designed by visionary artist, Julie Wilder, to bring celestial events into practical comprehension for visual learners.
Moon Dial & Solar System Mandala
Enjoy As Is • Color It In • Customize with Zodiac Stickers
24 hour Day Dial's with Moon Phase
Neatly aligned according to the Gregorian grid
Customize Your Day Dial
  • Shade Void of Course
  • Mark High & Low Tide
  • Note Sunrise and Sunset
  • Track Your Sleep Cycles
  • The sky is the limit...
It's Just a Phase
Earth's dimmable nightlight sets the mood with her proximity and luminosity from her place in space. You'll know & flow with our lunar legend and year-at-a-glance moon chart included on the inside front cover.
Plot a Skyway Transit Schedule
We give you Celestial Charts & Zodiac Stickers so you can plot the sun, moon and planet transits inside the moon dial. 
Day Rays
Radiant rays represent each day in the month making a circle graph.

Moon Phases
New Moon to Full Moon phases marked daily.
(Eastern Standard Time)
Sun & Planets
Nested patterned rings represent the Sun & planets.
There's a Guide for That
Flip out the back flap (shown below) and get some cosmic cues. 
Celestial Charts
Date & time charts for:
Sun, Moon & Planetary Transits
Full, New & Quarter Moons
Eclipses, Equinox & Solstice

300+ Zodiac Stickers to plot them out
Download The Celestial Charts
Astrology as Metaphor
Learn about divine time, space regions,
space weather, and intergalactic traffic.
"I don't even know where to start, it's that wonderful! All the careful loving detail put into it, being able to learn on my own, and the super awesome upcycled vinyl! Thank you so very much for continuing to follow your intuition and listen to what is needed."
   – littledaisy via Etsy
Guided Tour with Designer Julie Wilder
Coming Soon!
Quick Reference Guide
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"The Mystic Moon calendar is beautiful!! As if I would expect anything less from the creative designer! What blew my mind even more was her unique packaging! This was my second purchase and I was not disappointed!"
– Sue Painter via Etsy