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2017 Year of the Fire Rooster and Venus Retrograde | Be the Matador

The Year of the Fire Rooster officially begins with the New Moon of January 27th, according to the Chinese Horoscope. (My Cosmic Calendar is ON SALES two for one this weekend!) Like any fired up Rooster, you can hear him before the day even breaks. Whether you love him or hate him, the Tweeter in Chief of the United States of America is a potent assertion of one fired up cock and he is here to WAKE US UP to the dawn of a new era.

What does a rooster do? He calls all the hens to the yard. And so, the Women’s March on Washington and in cities around the USA and globe mobilized a record breaking & historic mobilization a day after the poorly attended Trump  Inauguration day. This juxtaposition followed by the introduction of “alternative facts” and executive orders regressing women’s rights, health care and and a shut down of communications as well as a general wipe of agency websites has sparked a progressive resistance … led by rogue park rangers, people wearing pussy hats and scientists.


I was compelled to paint an homage to the Fire Rooster representing the energy of this Lunar new year & I’m pleasantly surprised with how it is coming out. (Note, still a work in progress, but a undated perpetual calendar called “Beautiful Resistance” can be pre-ordered in my new activist oriented Etsy Shop for those of you so inclined to record your acts of beauty this year to counteract the ugliness in the atmosphere).


One thing to notice is that there is only one rooster (when I’m done with the painting, he’ll be tweeting: “the sky is falling”) and as such, he thinks he’s the greatest and most important. But look to the hens in the yard to see who digs up the worms, takes care of the lil chicks and generally has domain over the entire yard. The hens run the hen house, the rooster just makes a lot of noise pollution.

Don’t let his cock-ado-about-poo distract you
from what you know you have to do this year.

And certainly know that you can’t fight fire with fire or feed it more air – definitely do not put gasoline on it! The best way to respond to a fire rooster is to take away the oxygen like so many people did by boycotting watching the inauguration. You can also throw water on a fire to drown it out, depending on the size of the fire.  We could be in for an out of control fire fueled by Big Oil – when oil, water and fire converge people are going to get burned and we may well prepare to have to wait for a raging fire to burn itself out. Look to the water protectors of Standing Rock for direction on sacred resistance;  perhaps only a rain dance in communion with Spirit will bring the floods needed.

Pay attention to Mars & Venus for cosmic clues about what is fired up right now…

Mars (Masculine) & Venus (Feminine) are almost synced up in the zodiac – both travel through Pieces (We Believe) and then Aries (We Are) during January & February. This brings up a review of belief systems about a woman’s “place” & a man’s role in society as well as Mother Nature and man’s belief he has dominion over her.

Click the image to order this gorgeous 2017 astrology calendar!
Click the image to order this gorgeous 2017 astrology calendar! ON SALE for the LUNAR NEW YEAR!

In March & April, Venus experiences a retrograde – retracing the steps taken to assert those rights in January & February.  She will travel back first through Aries (ramming back at the feminine assertion of sovereignty) and then Pieces (regressing back into the patriarchal paradigm belief system). Meanwhile, aggressive Mars charges it’s agenda forward in the stubborn and bullish sign of Taurus. With this Venus retrograde & Mars in Taurus combination, women’s rights have a huge bullseye on them and could get trampled big time. A collective review of belief systems about gender roles with a backlash directly related to the assertion of the right of the feminine to exist with respect in all it’s forms is anticipated. Pay attention to what is happening in these areas in January & February – both personally & politically – because the bull will be charging right at them in March & April.

Do not melt when these things happen:

Do not run in fear:

Found on Etsy - Art by J Ellison
Found on Etsy – Art by J Ellison

But DO take advantage of this time (until Februrary 5th) when ALL PLANETS are DIRECT, to lay your plans so that when Venus Retrograde hits on March 4th, you can channel the poise of a Matador: do not turn your back on the bull for a second. Face him: calm, cool, & collected – side stepping the Mars in Taurus charge – but also have some comedic clowns to jump in to distract & confuse this Mars meets bull energy and diffuse his stubborn focus on the target.

You’ve got this.
You can handle it.
Every moment of your life
has prepared you for
Be the Matador.

With the Cosmic Calendar, you can see basic these trends throughout the year and plan to be PREPARED, not sideswiped in surprise.



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