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Yule Love Day 9

Biodynamic Bounty

– Savor –

There exists in this universe a box of nine biodynamic herb infused chocolates in a rainbow box featuring cosmic illustrations by one of my favorite mystical designers. By the delightful name of ZenBunni. As fate would have it, our worlds collided this month when we were both featured in Goddess Provisions December box.  If you are my best friend, you KNOW how very Julie Wilder this entire situation is and I'm trying to act real casual about their cosmic company and their adorable family. 

– Spark –

And, as fate would also have it, I finally found a new salon after my hairdresser of the past decade moved out of state and guess what? They just so happen to carry O Way, an Italian line of biodynamic hair products so that I could do an entire theme around biodynamics for you now that ZenBunni got me all fired up. When they spritzed this Bio-Rich Water on my lion's mane all my worries melted away. I don't even know what the purpose of this stuff is but I do know that I've been dropping not-subtle hints that I would really like to see this in my stocking. In case you didn't pick up on that, you can click on the link to my salon and pick one up for me, DeLand friends. ;p

– Need –

I haven't talked about biodynamics too much alongside my calendar collection, but truly my inspiration is rooted in biodynamic theory and practice that the moon mirrors lifecycles and our cosmic neighborhood is impacting all we do. One day I will produce a true biodynamic version, but until then, if you are new to biodynamics just start by working with the moon and planets. I've put my calendar bundles on sale today only!  Just enter coupon code: YULEDAY9 for 25% off.

– Read –

You may have started to see Biodynamic items popping up at Whole Foods and wondered what the heck it is. It's simply being coined "beyond organic" but it's really far out in an ancient cosmic way. It's advanced science infused with cosmic stardust and it works. Stella Natura is a delightful introduction and biodynamic calendar for 2018. 

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