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Yule Love Day 8

To Infinity & Beyond

– Savor –

I love textile art and am stoked string art is making a comeback. I've been blown away by the artistry of Danara String Art who made the piece shown top left. There is just something special about something handcrafted. 

– Spark –

Y'all know I have an affection for the moon. And you just learned my fondness for textiles. CozyBlue has us covered with this Lunar Blossom embroidery kit so spark the creator within. 

– Need –

In my family, we have a tradition of game night and a new game always finds it's way under the tree at our house. This year, my pick is Better Me: The Game of Growth as a way to build deepen relationships and spur self-growth with accountability. This will be wonderful to play as a family, but I'm really looking forward to seeing my daughter play with her friends when they come over. They even have an option to Print & Play (and pay what you can) because these folks are groovy like that. Deal: Use coupon code SPIRALSPECTRUM for 10% Off

– Read –

Spiral Dynamics is one of those classic theories that cracks your mind wide open. Applying natural cycles to organizations, governments and sociocultural systems of all kind, it helps one grasp how just like a baby needs different kind of parenting than a grown child, so to do cultures, businesses and systems of all kinds. 

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