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Yule Love Day 5

Five Stars

– Savor –

Poca's Hottest is one of my favorite craft food labels. Started by Wendy Davis as a way to help promote her friends bands, each flavor in the line is an homage to a local creative act from the Orlando scene including and can now be found in several major grocery chains. This lime chipotle hot sauce is in honor of Orlando's famed Terri Binion and promises to cure the blues and repel evil lurking spirits. Here's one of my favorite Terri Binion tracks:


– Spark –

Rosemary & peppermint soy wax candles correlate to the 5th chakra and come with a mantra card reminding you to inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Pour on the new moon with no bad stuff – only pure essential oils. Soul Shine's candle collection is the lovecraft of one tapped in healer & mama and she does not cut corners or compromise on quality. These are the real deal.

– Need –

Maya Juniper Rose has made her entrepreneurial debut at the vivacious age of eight with the Jumpin Juniper Shop. Inspired by her mother's Etsy shop, Maya takes her handmade art and creates merch using Printful. In the photo above, she's modeling her signature piece which she named the 5th Dimension.  She is learning graphic design on to make some of her creations. She even documented the process of opening an Etsy shop and using Printful to make a product so other kids (big and little) could see how easy it is to get your side hustle off the ground. #proudmom #thatsmykid #youneedthis4sure #jumpinjuniper #gomaya #printful #etsy

– Read –

If you haven't read any Starhawk yet, this is such an appropriate time to dive into The Fifth Sacred Thing, which is the first in a trilogy in the early stages of being adapted for film. 

In a time of ecological collapse, when the hideously authoritarian and corporate-driven Stewards have taken control of most of the land and set up an apartheid state, one region has declared itself independent: the Bay Area and points north. Choosing life over guns, they have created a simple but rich ecotopia, where no one wants, nothing is wasted, culture and cooperation are uppermost, and the Four Sacred Things are valued unconditionally. 

There's a seat for you at our table, if you choose to join us. Here's a quick excerpt from the novel as a way of video introduction:

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