Yule Love Day 4

Yule Love Day 4

4 Seasons • 4 Elements • 4 Eyes • 4 Score

– Savor –

These delightful zine-like cookbooks span several continents, cuisines and all four seasons. I can't see where you can buy this truly remarkable set online BUT by some grace of the ladies at The Kitchens of Pinch and Dash, you can still cruise and peruse their online edition here for free. Whew! Thank you, Universe!

– Spark –

Inspired by the1600's illustrations of Robert Fludd's Four Elements, I designed my own colorful version as the center of my new LunaSol Calendar. I love it so much I decided I had to rock it on a tank. Both are 25% off today only! The Earth element here is represented by coal, which is incredibly condensed plant matter whose carbon is desperately needed to stay sequestered in our earth. It's like her bone marrow! Here's the original:

Robert Fludd Four Seasons

– Need –

Put on your Wild Eyes! This is a really cool initiative that transports you on a virtual field trip to National Parks throughout the United States using immersive virtual reality technology. All you need is one of those camera goggle mask thingies and you'll be dropped right into the park of your choice. The app is currently in alpha release mode & links to download can be found on their most recent update in their IndieGoGo campaign

– Read –

"Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal." Begins Lincoln's Gettysburg address as our nation wrestled with slavery. Today, indigenous, immigrant and black civil and human rights are still being fought for and attacked by the powers that be. Our nation must review & reckon with our founding story – one that is told quite differently from the perspective of the indigenous peoples.

Original Instructions: Indigenous Teaching for a Sustainable Future is a compilation of essays from many tribes of the Americas. It illuminates that the inspiration for freedom from British rule was the free peoples who were already here along with their functioning democracy with one glaring difference: theirs proposed all PEOPLE are created equal, not just men. Likewise, the suffragette movement was also based on the indigenous women's equality and freedom. Time to listen to the wisdom of the wise ones who are luckily willing to share. This is the alternative history of the hostile takeover of the Americas. Pair this with the Toltec wisdom of the Four Agreements and learn how to walk as the real Americans do.

Nature-Based Calendar Collection

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