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Yule Love Day 19

Time Trends

– Savor –

Therapeutic henna is a medicinal and mindful practice that reminds us to slow down, savor the moment and allow the process to unfold. It takes up to four hours to penetrate the skin and then several days for the natural pigments to develop on the skin. And that doesn't include the time it takes for the artist to paint these elaborate designs on you. Using the purest quality is essential and I get mine from a professional henna artist who curates these easy starter kits at her woman-owned shop Beachcombers Bazaar & Henna Supply. (Above photo is an original design by the owner, Jody.)

– Spark –

I'm diggin' on these Birth Chart Necklaces made of semi-precious gemstones that are based on the date & time of your birth. All twelve zodiac signs contain the ten planets, Chiron, the Asteroid Goddesses, and Lilith. A stellar signature piece customized just for you and reiki charged with a 50+ page in-depth astrological interpretation. That is sure to spark up quite a few interesting conversations! 

– Need –

Time-In's are the new Time Out. These awesome kits teach emotional intelligence to the little people when they hit a challenging moment. The premise is that social and emotional skills are teachable and should be taught the same way we teach the ABC's and 123's. This Time-In Toolkit is perfect anywhere little people are being raised up but I bet the adults involved will learn a thing or too as well. 

– Read –

YOU PEOPLE!!!!! Have you seen the new trailer for A Wrinkle in Time? This was one of my top three favorite books as a child and I'm dusting my well read and slightly tattered copy to read with my daughter after the holidays ahead of the March 9th release, which has been on my calendar for at least six months. JUST LOOK AT THIS GLORIOUSNESS:

p.s. Time Magazine story & cover is the jam

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