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Yule Love day 18

The most anticipated birthday.

– Savor –

The best way to celebrate your entrance into adulthood is with some indie crafted marshmallows, obviously. Wondermade is a Central Florida craft food company that I adore. My first box was during the total eclipse this past summer in celebration of my Aunt Diane. Made an epic experience over the top.

– Spark –

Energy independence is a path to freedom. Kitables empowers you to make your own portable charger for your cell phone, out of LEGOs and never be caught without power again. 

– Need –

Actionist is a term coined by Liora Adler, co-founder of Gaia University, for builders of the paradigm and new system. With this tee, the wearer is reminded to commit every day to be a proactive solutionary. 

– Read –

A modern primer on personal finance and our relationship to money, Worth It, is written by Amanda Steinberg, founder of Daily Worth. This is the book I wish someone had handed me when I turned 18.  

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