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Yule Love Day 16

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

– Savor –

Someone HOLD THE PHONE. This line of self-care products was founded by kidpreneur Zandra. She started at nine and now at 17 has this INCREDIBLE line of AMAZING AWESOME line of empowering and eco-friendly bath & beauty products. What an inspiration! Don't tell Maya (my own kidpreneur) but I got her the Holiday Gift Box which smartly features several other #girlboss businesses. I'm blown away:

– Spark –

Who doesn't need a moon phase poster? Especially one that brings our soon-to-be adult humans closer to the cosmos with a schedule of meteor showers and an introduction to the elements. The LunaSol 2018 Calendar is designed by yours truly and you can get 50% off when you use discount code SWEET16. (18" x 24" size only) #bossymoon #fullmoonmakesyoucrazy

– Need –

Speaking of bosses: you're not the boss of me!!! is actually a wonderful lesson for our adventurous youth to embrace. Teaching discernment about which rules to break and which ones to follow,along with how to stand strong in their convinctions and intuition and how to say no harmful or unhealthy activities is a beautiful skill to flex. This is one of my original designs, inspired by Kali's message of fierce integrity.

– Read –

Um, awesome zines and indie art delivered to your doorstep monthly?!? Yep, that exists! Zine-O-Matic draws from a worldwide network of artists. #BOSS


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