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Yule Love Day 15

Inspired by Manifesto 15's mission to evolve learning!

– Savor –

As an organic restauranteur raising up a spunky DIY kid, I've always been appalled at kids cookbooks. They generally lack taste, quality, beauty and a wellness focus treating kids like little microwave button pushers. Maya and Mama BOTH approve of Kid Chef, written by food photographer Melina Hammer. This is Maya's go to book when cooking us meals - and yes, I'm a single mama so you bet she pulls her weight in the kitchen!

– Spark –

I love this Botanist Case which includes all you need to go outside and look at the microcosm underneath our feet. It's fancy from France, but I bet you could also make one yourself if you can't afford the fancy price.

– Need –

If there was ever a critical time to learn about Black History, this would be it. Let's not relegate this knowledge to one month a year, but let's keep these flashcards on the kitchen table and let a conversation be sparked. 

– Read –

There are many books about radical education, but the Summerhill experiment is an important read that will tickle your domesticated brain. Summerhill is the oldest children's democracy in the world and a progressive "free" school. 


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