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Yule Love Day 14

14 would not have been so bad if I had these tools to manage my moontime!

– Savor –

I am an herbalist and have worked with plant medicine for most of my adult life. When Chocolita's moontime rose came across my path with rose petals, vitex berries, cramp bark, valerian, and maca infused in their chocolate, I knew we had a monthly medicine that would work. Forget aspirin, eat two of these instead. 

– Spark –

Spark the tea kettle and nourish your body with this brew from The Bulk Herb Store. Even though it says it's for Mama's, all women will benefit greatly from this vitamin & mineral-rich blend of organic nettles, alfalfa, red raspberry and peppermint. I was co-owner of a high grossing organic teahouse & restaurant for a decade and have ordered from many herbal suppliers, but this woman-owned and family run company consistently has the best quality I've found of western herbs. 

– Need –

It's so critical to know where you are at in your cycle so you can manage your health for optimal ease and grace. My Moontime (featured above) is on point with their app. The only drawback is that they don't have an android app. The Flow has an app for both platforms that is awesome on point and is the one that I use.

– Read –

Former midwife Sheri Winston is the founder of the Intimate Arts Center and her award-winning book, Women's Anatomy of Arousal is ESSENTIAL for any woman wanting to discover how her lady parts work - including the hidden knowledge of the clitoral legs. 

Miranda Gray has awakened many women to a lunar literacy around moon cycles and menstrual cycles. Her books are all incredible, but The Optimized Woman is the place to start. Then follow up with Red Moon.  

***Not listed but also incredible vital reads for anyone with ovaries are Sweetening the Pill and the Period Repair Manual all about how harmful hormonal birth control is. Knowledge is power. *****

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