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Yule Love Day 10

Ten was a good age. Family is fun.

– Savor –

No list of presents for peace would be complete without seed bombs, in all the colors. Go right ahead. Fling em, sling em, share them. Spread peace and sow beauty with this collection handmade by Paper Sprouts in Denver, Colorado.

– Spark –

Um, my baby sister makes the most adorable finger puppets and she DID NOT TELL ME she had a Princess Bride set (above) and a Mr. T. I'm transported back to my childhood just looking at these! Can I get a Punky Brewster, pretty please? Now that is just too much fun. You gotta see Uma from Kill Bill.

– Need –

Everyone needs a little encouragement and I love that Maya Juniper Rose, age eight, chose to practice her graphic design skills and this is the quote she chose. At our house, we know that challenges are a part of the process and, yes, sometimes you gotta go through rain to get to that rainbow. Check out my enterprising daughter's Etsy shop, Jumpin Juniper

– Read –

Speaking of Maya, I've been saying for years that real apprenticeships will be making a comeback with this generation. Since she's only known me as an entrepreneur, first as co-owner of an organic restaurant and now as a maker of graphic calendars, it's natural that she's drawn to the path herself. I got her this Kidpreneur book and it's perfect to break down the basics at her age.

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