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Venus in Capricorn: 1/23 to 2/15

Perspective from 9th House Astrology:

Venus in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn who is in Sagittarius at the moment. Our values will naturally orient themselves towards what can be gain in the long-term and the beauty of gazing at the land from great heights. For a few weeks, we might find ourself attracted to the wisdom of well established authority figures and what they have to teach us in regards to tradition. Watch for themes around aging gracefully, a renewed appreciation for classic movies or classic figures in the art, age difference in relationships, the deep and enduring love that only comes from lifelong commitments, the place and value of the elder in our society.

Venus in Capricorn is an ambitious climber and she loves time-tested systems. While Venus is in Capricorn, we might notice a shift in what brings us pleasure, perhaps even postponing pleasure to gain something more rewarding in the future. The process of letting something age reveals the most delectable flavours when it comes to wine, cheese or bread making. The same idea can be applied to our own internal process.  Refinement happens with time and reveals complexities that are not possible if we rush the process.  Real authority, beauty and ease takes time.  Wisdom has a price and one of them is aging.