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Yule Love Day 6

Six Degrees of Separation

– Savor –

Wei of Chocolate takes the holy bean next level by infusing flower essences and integrity throughout their delicious line. Ethics are on point: organic, fair trade, vegan, and Rainforest Alliance certified to ensure the least harm to the planet, forest, and people. My favorite, Wei Love / Rose Cardamom, is infused with Lotus Wei flower remedy that works via acupuncture meridians to enhance love while dissolving our self-critical mind and old heartbreak. Sign me up .... for their monthly chocolate subscription option. 

– Spark –

These gorgeous Earthvision posters were a collaboration between futurists Hazel Henderson and Barbara Marx Hubbard with illustrations by Gainesville, Florida artist Rudi Ash. All proceeds from the sale of this poster are donated to support world-changing actionist at Gaia University. The detail is stunning and will spark many conversations about the what kind of win-win world we can co-create.

– Need –

Disrupting the laundry aisle is Tangie's lightweight, all natural plant-based laundry soap - that works - without the waste. Perfect for your college kid or woke husbands stocking, this one is a no-brainer. Combine with a pair of wool balls for your dryer and you've got chemical-free clothing and almost zero waste. I'm stuffing my own stocking with both of these! 

– Read –

Six Degrees of Separation theory holds that we are all connected . With the mass media doom and gloom, I find it particularly inspiring and helpful to focus on those stories that highlight powerful ideas & practical actions we can all take. Yes! Magazine has been my go-to magazine for all things Peace & Justice, Planet, New Economy, People Power and Happiness for over a decade. Gift subscriptions are just $12 as of this writing. I also have a hard crush on Positive News. I do my part by curating things that make me go Yes! at Beautiful Resistance.


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