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Leo Full Moon: Use the Light Side of the Force

A Leo Full Moon Coloring Page! Get it on Etsy.
A Leo Full Moon Coloring Page! Get it on Etsy.

This evening I walked out of the movie theater having just watched the new Star Wars and was greeted by the big beautiful Leo Full Moon. She was dramatically bright, not one cloud blocking her few, yet illuminating several that seemed painted in the sky just to frame her orb. La luna took my breath away, I stopped in my tracks and squealed in delight. I think I jumped a little and shouted, “Look at the MOON!!!!!” to my daughter, who also gasped in delight.

As I drove home, I was naturally thinking about the tension between the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force and watching the movie (no spoilers, I promise!) got me thinking about what happens to each of us as we begin to wake up to our own power.

The seduction by the degenerative Dark Side is so powerful that many of us shrink from our own power, even when it is in service of the Light Side, because we associate all power with the corrupt form. That is still the Dark Side winning: by getting you to self-destruct and sabotage relationships & opportunities for success.

Be a Jedi! Disarm the fear-inducing use of the force from the Dark Side (It’s a fraud! It’s manipulating you!) and re-claim confidence creating REAL POWER from the Light Side.

I got home to see this quote from a real-life Jedi, Sacred Warrior Marianne Williamson, on my computer screen:

The gift of the Leo Full Moon is one of Curiosity, Courage and Confidence. When the Dark Side shows up and gets you fearful, call on your friend Courage and be Curious about what is triggering your raging heart.  Don’t run away from what frightens you. Face your fears & shine a light in the shadows so you can SEE what false beliefs and assumptions keep you from confidently merging with The Light Side of the Force. There is real power available there to be your own hero, to create peace & justice.