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***Yule LOVE the *discount* that comes with day 12!***

***Yule LOVE the *discount* that comes with day 12!***

Most of us have been fully assimilated into an artificial time which has no biological or cosmological connection such as school schedules, five day work weeks, baby due dates.

These impositions deny our instincts, intuition, and bodily needs causing stress... and stress causes inflammation... and inflammation causes mood swings, anxiety and underlies all disease.

When our cells are inflamed we are more likely to accept outside authority because we don't trust our own judgment - we simply don't KNOW anymore. By reclaiming the sun, moon & stars as our daily, "moonthly" & seasonal rhythm makers we can more easily access a consciousness that I call cosmosis.

Cosmosis is a KNOWING that comes from being connected to all that is.

The Spiral Spectrum's calendar collection serves as a basic reference for the cosmically-curious to use as a visual aid in harmonizing with natural rhythms.

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Spiral Spectrum Cosmic Calendar by Julie Wilder