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Just got this question from a customer: "I have a question about the chakra...

Just got this question from a customer: "I have a question about the chakra associations for the days of the week. You start out with the root chakra for Monday and go from there. I've seen other sources with different days than you have for the chakras, and some have chakras associated with multiple days of the week. So I'm a little confused and trying to figure it all out. How did you decide which day to associate with each chakra? I guess I'm most stuck on Monday because I think of that as "moon day" so it would seem to be more associated with the sacral. But it seems pretty different in many different resources."

My response, for those who have been wondering: "This was an random choice I made as I taught my daughter about the wheel of the week and I ran into the same thing as you when I tried to find a definitive source. There is an entire kalachakra system, but I haven't studied it too much. I don't think chakras would correlate to weeks since they are man-made concepts, rather, a chakra cycle would flow through each season, each moon cycle and each solar year - chakras pay no mind to man-made time, only natural time! It does make sense to that there should be an energetic rhythmic chakra cycle to the week since we are all entrained to it. I began at what I consider the beginning of the week: Monday as Root and end on days typically reserved for spiritual dedication Saturday/Sunday."

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