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Friends, a personal note. I am riding out Hurricane Irma in DeLand, Florida in a...

Friends, a personal note. I am riding out Hurricane Irma in DeLand, Florida in a very secure building. DeLand is just north of Orlando and 20 miles west of Daytona. I've been through hurricanes before, but this one is just a bit much, eh? Please and thank you for all your prayers and good vibes. I did figure out a way to put my Etsy shop on auto print and fulfilment through an integration with Printful - Custom Printing & Warehousing so that my items can still be purchased while my attention and electricity is down. Which means there is now a 24x36 extra large version of both my posters for those of you who have always wanted it to be bigger. So that's a cool bonus. I'll resume fulfilment myself out of current inventory asap but please consider making a purchase now if you can so that when I am in recovery mode next week I will know there is cash in the bank. One of the hardest parts of a storm like this is knowing that there will be a bare minimum financial loss due to being unable to work and that is one of the reasons so many people are unable to evacuate - when you live paycheck to paycheck, it is simply impossible. Much love to you all and thanks in advance. If you want to donate after the hurricane strikes, please consider donating directly to me. What I don't need myself I can promise will go to the good people around me who may need it. My paypal is paypal.me/juliebewilder

2018 Astrology / Astronomy Calendar - Cosmic Calendar with Zodiac, Meteors, Moon Phases, Lunar Distance & Chakras

Spiral Spectrum’s Cosmic Calendar is a graphic ephemeris featuring a year-at-a-glance planetary transits, moon phases & daily chakra mantras. A circular calendar mimicking natures cycles, not man-made linear time. A breathtaking rendering, now in its sixth edition. Mandala-like in presentation. For…

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