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Total Eclipse of the Heart

A rare and spectacular Total Lunar Eclipse will take place January 31st, 2018 in the larger than life and courageous sign of Leo, ruler of the heart. This lunar phenomenon is called a Blood Moon because of the reddish hue that emanates during a total lunar eclipse. Modern folk also call it a Blue Moon, since this is the second Full Moon of the month.

Total duration lasts five hours & seventeen minutes start to finish. The full eclipse portion lasts just over an hour. Visibility, at least in part, is from Eastern Europe and Africa to the Eastern shore of North America. (Check time for your location here.) This eclipse is a supermoon because it is at apogee, meaning closest in it's orbit to Earth. This proximity lends even more intensity to an already spectacular display.  

For an overview of Eclipses, in general, and some tips on navigating these intense events, see Susan Miller's excellent write-up here. I've taken the cliff notes from around the internet on how some of my favorite astrologers are framing this event. 

Chani Nicholas

The Show Must Go On:  "Not to be outdone by any other cosmic signature, the grand finale of January is a total lunar eclipse in Leo. Occurring on January 31st at 5:37 AM at 11° of Leo, a total lunar eclipse will turn the full moon red and our egos on full blast. This eclipse is a show stopper that picks up on the themes of 2017’s eclipses. This is the third eclipse we’ve experienced in Leo over the course of a year. There are still two more to go over the course of the next. That puts us in the center of our Leo eclipse lessons. The part of your chart that contains Leo has already been privy to the dramatic tales these eclipses are telling. Now it’s time for the next chapter. Get your crowns on, Kitty Cats. This eclipse wants to take you deeper into the lessons of living out your glory. Each one of us must be the ruler of our own lives. The Leo eclipse hands you the keys to your castle, but only you can walk in and claim your throne." [Read More]


Talks to us about our inner child, creativity, being the center of attention. There is some tension between fight or flight. Lots of intense emotions - either orgasmic or hell. He released a 30-minute talk on facebook. You can watch it here

Great Mother Speaks

If you want to go even deeper into the Lion's den, here is a fantastic compilation on Astrology Hub.
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