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Earthy Taurus in Revolutionary Uranus

It takes the outer planets a wee bit longer to journey through the zodiac than the inner planets and today, May 15th, 2018 marks the transit where electrifying Uranus formerly makes their appearance in the stellar community known as Taurus. The best image I can conjure for this is a bull in a china shop - uncomfortable to watch & clean up, and best not get in the way.

Yes, Uranus prefers non-gender conforming pronouns: "Get hip or get out!" they say with a cavalier authority.

Marking this transit in oh-so-appropriate symbolism is the Goddess Pele on the move in Hawaii, spewing lava and steam in a slow-motion but unpredictable re-landscaping. As new and stunning cracks in the earth are opened up, all that has been boiling under the surface comes up.

This is likely to cause anxiety and sense of dread about our vulnerability as people to Earth's changes and we can expect that theme to carry us through the Uranus' hike through Taurus. The native's view it as an invigorating spiritual reckoning with nature reclaiming it's land and teaching everyone a lesson. We would all be wise to approach the next seven years of Earth changes the same.

Personally, I'm looking forward to a radical reform of capitalist systems and hope to see universal basic income be widely adopted while permaculture hopefully moves from fringe to mainstream. Here is a roundup from the interwebs of some great perspective on this shift and how best to utilize the influences for long-term planning.

From Aeolian Heart:

On May 15th, 2018 the planet Uranus will begin its transit through the sign of Taurus. This will usher in a seven-year period of tremendous evolution and revolution (Uranus) regarding humanity’s relationship to wealth, natural resources, and the value of the earth’s beauty(Taurus
Taurus represents the fertility of the land, represented by beauty, wealth and material possessions. The sign of Taurus craves security and stability whereas Uranus stirs up unpredictable and volatile conditions. 
This Uranus transit through Taurus will sing the body electric, inspiring a deeper awareness of physicality. Without health, there is no wealth. Even more importantly, without devotion to the rhythms of earth, there is no quality of life to speak of.
The world of astrology is predicting that the next seven years will be the time when the antiquated banking systems will be forced to evolve. Some of the dams that are preventing positive change will finally break, bringing an unstoppable wave of diverse digital currencies, gift economies, and permaculture farming. 

Between now and September is going to be a very significant time. That’s when Uranus trine Saturn will be happening. Despite everything else going on in the Zodiac, this will be the dominant energy throughout most of the year, and frankly I have a hard time thinking of a more useful aspect — if you work with it properly.

Saturn in Capricorn is a powerful force for imposing structure and order on your life. Uranus in Taurus is a different matter entirely: a bold and reckless energy that can be easy to mismanage, but achieves pure brilliance when handled properly. And since Uranus is technically in the Sign of its “fall” in Taurus (being opposite Scorpio, where Uranus is exalted), it could use a helping hand from Saturn — even if the two planets are of completely different natures.

From Astromomma:

The last time Uranus was in Taurus was between 1934-1941 and before that was 1850-1859. In the 1930's Uranus in Taurus transit, security and stability were very much in question, as we were headed into to WW2. This began an era of change around our land and many were asked to grow and cultivate their own food as a means to be more self sufficient. The Uranus in Taurus transit from 1850-1859, brought on the Industrial Revolution, which incorporated technological breakthroughs and innovative changes. New energy materials became common place and our dependence on steel and iron began. Before this period, not too many changes had occurred on a massive scale. The Industrial Revolution set us up for a sweeping changes in WHERE and HOW we worked, which is very Uranus in Taurus.

New Paradigm Astrology has a week-long intensive for those of you who want to dive deep.

Image Credit: "Bull in a China Shop" by Ruth Cadden



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