Mystic Moon Coloring Calendar 2017 [purchase online here]
An All-In-One Journal & Workbook for Moon Mystics & Astrology Enthusiasts

This art calendar features colorable & fully customizable Moon Dial & Solar System Mandalas for all 12 months, and (optional) astro-enthusiasts can use the included Zodiac Stickers & Celestial Charts to plot zodiac transits for the sun, moon & planets.

Plenty of room to use as a doodle journal as you discover the way the moon & planets influence your daily life.

The moon rules over our feelings and, together with the planets, create space weather that impacts our collective consciousness. I hope this calendar helps increase your emotional literacy & resilience when used in connection with interpretations from top astrologers, which I curate on my facebook page throughout the year as a gift.

/ / / / / BASIC FEATURES \ \ \ \ \

+ MOON DIAL & SOLAR SYSTEM MANDALA: Captivating & colorable design that doubles as a worksheet to plot astrology movements & information. One for every month of the year plus a date grid below, arranged in rows just like traditional calendars.

+ MOON GUIDE: Includes an lunar overview key with explanations on how to work woith lunar cycles for optimal success.

+ 2017 Moon Phases At A Glance: Annual lunar phase chart; included as a quick reference chart for the top flap.

+ QUICK REFERENCE FLAPS: the cover is longer than the calendar for flip-out quick reference charts. Keep them open or play peek-a-boo as needed. Helpful as you learn to interpret and understand cosmic currents.

+ COLOR & DOODLE SPACE: printed on quality paper with plenty of space to personalized with affirmations, quotes or notes on your daily mood or mensural cycle.

{ Close up Detail of the Month }
{ Easy to Follow Instructions }
/ / / / / ASTROLOGY WORKBOOK \ \ \ \ \
+ 300+ ZODIAC STICKERS: Instructions included to customize each month.
2017 Celestial Charts (click to download): Date and time charts for all time zones.
– Sun, Moon & Planetary Transits
– Full, New & Quarter Moons
– Retrogrades & Void of Course
– Eclipses, Equinox & Solstice
+ ASTROLOGY GUIDE: Includes a zodiac, moon phase & solar system overview key as a flip out flap. Plus informative explanation to help you tie it all together: Space Weather, Regions of Space, & Intergalactic Traffic are all clearly explained as you learn to build a “Skyway” Transit Schedule in each month’s cosmic clock. [Now available online, click here to read more].

[Purchase Online Here] PRINT COPY IS SOLD OUT /// Digital Version Available

/ / / / / TECHNICAL DETAILS \ \ \ \ \

11″w x 11″h when closed
11″w x 22.5″h when opened to display a month
Optional flaps on both top and bottom can be extended for quick reference – each is 6″ high, so if both flaps are open, this becomes 11″w x “34.5h

**Exceptional Quality**
– High quality black and white print from independent shop in the USA
– Covers are printed on thick cardstock
– Interior pages printed on silky smooth 60# paper

This is a companion product to the Spiral Spectrum Cosmic Calendar, an 18×24 full color poster that helps us visualize the cosmic currents for the year in a whole new way.