I love the moon so incredibly much that I am giving away my original design of the 2017 Moon Phase Year at a Glance Calendar ABSOLUTELY FREE so that you can can download and print it for yourself to remind you throughout the year to tune in to the cycles of nature.


I’m Julie Wilder, designer of Spiral Spectrum’s Cosmic Calendar, an astrology educational tool, and the Mystic Moon 12 Month Wall Calendar (pictured above) which are both available for purchase through my Etsy shop, along with related art prints. I hope you will take a look at both of those and consider supporting this Mamapreneur with a purchase that is not only practical to use throughout the year, but also beautiful and 100% unique.

Here’s the FREEBIE: No purchase is necessary to get this beautiful, high resolution, black and white, one page,  11×17 moon calendar depicting the moon phases throughout 2017. You can also purchase a printed version here. Take a look:


Just join our mailing list & you will be sent the download link immediately.* You’ll receive a once monthly “Cosmic Currents” roundup of curated astrology, astronomy and moon related content, while being the first to know about new products as they are introduced with discounts for early purchases.

Click to join our Cosmic Community
& receive your FREEBIE today.

*After you confirm your email & humanity, you will receive a welcome email, please check your folders for “Cosmic Currents: Here’s Your Moon Phase Download”

Feel free to share this page through social media so your friends can also benefit from this invitation to sync up with the moon.

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