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Mother’s Day On the Dark Side of the Moon

This is a guest post by Tammy Taylor of Great Mother Speaks and Mama Drama Trauma

Where there is great darkness, there is great light. Through her nurturance, guidance, and support, mothers can provide this light to the world. When we come from a line of women incapable of providing such support, we are blessed if we find the love we need in adoptive and surrogate maternal figures, but what happens when we don’t?

Great Mother, the Mother of All Mothers, the Holy Spirit, Comforter, Still Small Voice of Our Intuition, and the Moon has a special relationship with those of us whose birth mother experience is marked by abandonment and abuse. As a result, we tend to be especially empathic, intuitive and highly sensitive. Everyone has this connection to Her, but because it is more consistently activated by us for daily guidance and survival over many moons, our abilities are generally more developed.

From total darkness to just almost experiencing the full beauty and light of our mothers, we exist on the dark side of the moon.

Like a new to waxing moon playlist stuck on repeat— we go from rest, recuperation, planning, planting, nurturing, developing, reevaluation and revision— to only be suddenly hurled back into the grieving void again.

We live in fantasy. Naive, each promise of the waxing gibbous phase makes us giddy with full moon anticipation: 

“This time she’ll be happy!”
“This time she’ll be at peace.”
“This time she’ll notice me.”
“This time she’ll really care!”

With our own happiness, peace, and hopes hanging in the balance, the ecstasy of anticipation is once again unceremoniously eclipsed by disappointment. Cursing and questioning the gods as we descend into the invariable darkness of Great Mother’s bosom, something within knows, it is She who nurtures us back to face the next delusional round. While recovery is brief, and is not the love we want, it is the Love we know.

A taboo tribe, our plight of perennial incompleteness, internalized, is only noticed by others when ill-guided attempts to manage the pain spills onto school yards and city streets in belligerent and brutal ways. As this is the increasing norm, Great Mother is making her loving presence known to everyone, not just those most alienated and estranged from Her due to our birth mother experience. (In preparation for the nodal shift from Leo:Aquarius to Cancer:Capricorn November 7, 2018).

Mother’s Day often falls on the dark side of the moon. Celebrated on the second Sunday in May before the new moon, this year, it is on May 13th during an Aries balsamic moon. In this passionate rest, Great Mother is inviting us to consciously consider ways to step up our self-care, self-love, self-mothering game.

“Ignorance or denial does not reverse, rescind or revoke your experience."
– Iyanla Vanzant

Based on what we now know we need to feel healthy, happy and whole (since May 9, 2017 Leo:Aquarius eclipse season began), “What needs to change?” Answers to this question may directly inform upcoming eureka, or ah hah opportunities to fully realize Her Eternal Love and support within us. (Uranus in Taurus as of May 15th).

Taboo and pride have hidden, silenced and disempowered us, but with healing comes the courage to emerge from the shadows. By shining the light of Great Mother’s love, we break this generational cycle!

Trapped on the dark side of the moon? The light of the full moon is you. To see the light, we must embrace the shadows. Great Mother Speaks to us:

Let go of the mother you want, so you can accept the one you have.
You are the great light.

—Happiest of Mother’s Days to you and yours!

For more insights by Tammy Taylor visit Great Mother Speaks and Mama Drama Trauma

Image Credit: “La Madonna” by Kadir Nelson

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