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2018 Moon Phases, Eclipses, Meteors, Planetary Transits + More
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"As usual, Julie does NOT disappoint! I received my 2018 Cosmic Calendar today and I am blown away!! I knew it was going to be amazing from the previews, but seeing it in person… just WOW!!"
– Sue Painter via Etsy
A Revolutionary Calendar
Spiral Spectrum’s Cosmic Calendar is a brilliantly colorful nature based circle calendar featuring year-at-a-glance moon phases, meteor showers, eclipses, seasons, planetary transits, chakras and more.

Designed by visionary artist, Julie Wilder, to bring celestial events into practical comprehension for visual learners.

This bestselling sixth edition has been lovingly tweaked based on fan feedback making the 2018 edition the clearest and most intuitive design yet.

Photos in this series are of North American Edition

Video Tour & Quick Reference Guides Below!
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Nested Natural Cycles

Radiant Rays
365 radiant rainbow rays represent each day in the Wheel of the Year.

Color Coded Days
Rainbow day rays help us focus on a chakra daily and attune to the energetic Wheel of the Week.
Equinox & Solstice
Constellations are stellar communities setting the scene and theme for all who transit through.
Moon Movements
Earth's dimmable nightlight sets the mood with her proximity and luminosity from her place in space.
Moon Phases
New Moon to Full Moon
A full moon cycle completes every 28.5 days with about 13 moon cycles per solar year. She controls the tides in our oceans and emotions. 

Total & Partial
There are two eclipse periods per year with each period containing at least one lunar & one solar eclipse. Shadows cast about shake things up!
Apogee & Perigee
The moon's apparent size and intensity fluctuate with her proximity. Super Moons happen at apogee & Micro Moons at Perigee.
Solar System Activity
Our cosmic cousins are sentient soul family. These characters adjust their vibe depending on how they jive from their interplanetary proximity & place in outer space.
Sun & Planets
Patterned Rings
Everything moves at their own pace, influencing each other from their place in space.  Zodiac symbols mark the transitions of our cosmic cousins' passage through the zodiac giving us a schedule of celestial events.

Symbols & Archetypes
Constellations are stellar communities setting the scene and theme for all who transit through. This is our view from inside the bubble of our biosphere looking out into the heavens.
Shooting Stars
Major Meteor Showers
* * * NEW FEATURE * * *
Major Meteor Showers marked on their peak dates. Optimal visibility when lunar light is low. Poor visibility when luna is bright and intense.
A "Skyway" Transit Schedule
When we combine these layers together, we arrive at the Cosmic Clock. Instead of minutes and hours, we see moon phases, meteor showers, planetary transits and more for the entire year on one gorgeous poster.
"This calendar is gorgeous and intricately planned! It’s going to be fun interpreting everything included in this beautiful work of art!"
– Lynn Carlson via Etsy
"Wow. This calendar is epic – so intricate, but so simple. Such an abundance of wisdom and magic – all expressed in circles and cycles. AMAZING!"
– Cindie White via Etsy
"Beautiful & inspirational for the wall of my new workspace!"
Jane Goddard via Etsy
"This is just genius. I absolutely love it! I consult it every day."
– Kristy Lynn via Etsy
Guided Tour with Designer Julie Wilder
A twenty minute element-by-element overview with commentary. Push play to begin.
Quick Reference Guide
It looks complicated, but it's really just a circle graph. I've made several educational tools to help you get the most out of your Cosmic Calendar.

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