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I’m writing to you today because I respect your insights so much that I have shared your musings throughout the year. As a thank you for sharing your gifts throughout the year, I would like to send you a 2017 Cosmic Calendar, a visual ephemeris with moon phases. 


I’m Julie Wilder & the Cosmic Calendar (pictured above/click here for description) has been a passion project since 2012. I never intended for this calendar to be anything more than a funky holiday gift for my friends, but word spread and I started selling a few, just to cover costs. Out of curiosity, I eventually joined Etsy, an online marketplace for artisan goods.

Last winter, with very little promotion, I made $5,000. One of my favorite astrologers bought a five pack. This year, the Cosmic Calendar was picked up by an international New Age distributor and literally landed at the feet of COSM royalty, Alex Grey.

The Cosmic Calendar at the feet of Alex Grey (Photo via Seck Thirtyseven)

You are one of a select few humans I’d like to invite to participate in a promotion that earns YOU (or a cause you care about) extra income. This product will revolutionize the way your fans can visualize and comprehend the passage of time. (A monthly version and weekly planner complete with major aspects are also slated for release this winter).

Just like a retail merchant receives compensation in exchange for shelf space, I want to share a portion of the revenue earned through your social influence.

For every qualified order placed on Etsy, you will earn $5 to keep as earned income for your endorsement or simply to raise cash for a cause, if that suits your fancy.

Let’s do the math: if just 5% of your audience makes a purchase, your earned revenue could be:

  • 5,000 Fans = $1,250
  • 10,000 Fans = $2,500
  • 50,000 Fans = $12,500   <– (If you can break the internet, lets talk about a custom poster with your brand aesthetics, logo and favorite asteroids.)

It’s SUPER easy to do.

Your endorsement supports multiple GOOD:

  • Advance astrology comprehension amongst your fans, especially the visual learners, for increased engagement.
  • Lifting up my single-mama household, supporting a real deal artisan & legit changemaker.
  • Supports the Etsy Community,  builders of a maker economy who nurture lean start-ups for home based businesses, bringing economic sovereignty to millions of people.

You were hand picked for this referral program because …

  • I am a genuine fan who follows your work & admire your insights.
  • You sparingly use your social influence to promote ONLY authentic offerings which have the potential to catalyze positive transformation. Basically, you’re trustworth & the real deal.
  • You have a combined media presence of at least 5,000 fans.

Just who is Julie Wilder? A short bio is in the sidebar to the right. I was born August 11, 1978 in Murray Kentucky at 3:06pm if you want to give me the once over. My professional website may also be of interest, as I am an experienced social entrepreneur and community advocate.

Completely Complimentary – No Obligation Whatsoever

Every year I have sent posters to astrologers I admire as a part of my belief in a sharing economy.  This is the first year I have made this additional proposal. I hope you will see what an important tool the Cosmic Calendar is to advance the comprehension of astrology while also having the ability to cash in on your social influence through an artisan made product.

“Yes, please send me a complimentary calendar so I can determine if I want to participate!”