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Everyone has a celestial signature.
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What's Your Celestial Signature?

Everyone knows their "sun sign" but each of us also has a Moon sign, rising sign and planetary placements as well. We all have a celestial signature based on the exact time and location of our birth! In this report, you'll get expert insight into your personality to gain greater self-awareness. You'll discover where our cosmic kin were located at the moment of birth and how that influences individual expression.

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Length: 15-20 pages • Language: English
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Part One: The Inner You

In Part One of the interpretations you will read two sections concerned with your individual traits. The first section describes your ego (Sun), emotional make-up (Moon), learning and intellectual orientation (Mercury), relationships and sociability (Venus), and the expression and focus of your physical energy (Mars).

The second section describes how well you deal internally with the external situations that you experience in life. Your capacity for happiness (Jupiter), ability to tolerate restrictions and frustrations (Saturn), how you are associated with or relate to new or innovative ideas and methods, and radical ideas and events that upset the status quo (Uranus), how you are associated with or affected by public ideals, morality, and spirituality (Neptune), and how you are associated with or affected by public policies toward crime, toward the power of government and industry, and toward exploration, development, conservation and distribution of natural resources (Pluto).

Part Two: The Outer You

In Part Two you will read about the twelve houses of the horoscope. The houses represent areas of life in which you operate on a daily basis. You will read descriptions of how you handle the circumstances you encounter in each of these areas, according to your nature, personality and other traits as they are outlined in Part One.

Astrology is just one piece of the puzzle - your DNA and environment also shape who you are. This is a thorough report that looks at each individual element and is a wonderful way to deepen your knowledge of astrology while taking stock of how our solar system holds sway over our human dispositions.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Julia Lupton Skalka, has been a professional astrologer, writer and teacher in the Washington, D.C., area since 1974. She is the author of The Astrological Baby Book, The Instant Horoscope Reader and The Instant Horoscope Predictor.