What if I told you that each planet in our solar system is a sentient being putting out a vibe that matched their personality? Western Civilization is finally finding scientific proof that animals, both warm and cold blooded, as well as plants and fungi are sentient & animist objects. And the energetic influence of that planet had different intensity dependent on its proximity and the combined influence of the sign it was in?

Each planet has its own area of influence and moves through the zodiac at its own pace on a set path around the Sun. Many are familiar with their “sun sign” but each planet also plays an influential role in a persons chart. These “transits” are simply movements of the planets between “signs” (constellations) in the zodiac. The outside rings on the calendar represent the planet on its path around the Sun. Each time a planet transits, or moves, into a new sign it will be marked by a symbol. These legend for these symbols is in the center of the calendar and moves from Aquarius to Capricorn.  to help you become aware of and more familiar with the changing energetic climate.


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